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This Gourmet Taco shop is one of the Best Madeira Beach Restaurants!

When Amy and Chip decided to create a new restaurant on Madeira Beach that provides an amazing gourmet street taco experience, they didn't want to just create a taco shop. They were determined to create one of the best Madeira Beach Restaurants for Locals and tourists to enjoy. If you are a local or if you are visiting our wonderful beaches and looking for restaurants near Madeira Beach FL. You have to come try the delicious gourmet street tacos and other culinary delights at Coastal Taco.

Madeira Beach is not known for street tacos. We are working to change that! We’re sure that after you visit Coastal Taco the first time, you will be looking forward to your next visit to Madeira Beach and Coastal Taco.  If you are looking for a restaurant near Treasure Island, we are just a short drive over Johns Pass. We promise it will be worth the short trip. 

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Maybe you are wondering, What exactly is a gourmet street taco?

 A street taco is a traditional Mexican Taco which is typically made of a small corn tortilla stuffed with meat and topped with cilantro, onions, and salsa. Our street tacos are anything but, traditional. We have come up with some delicious meat options and added extra fresh toppings to create an exciting combination of flavors. If you are ready to try gourmet street tacos, we are the best Madeira Beach restaurant for gourmet street tacos.

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